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Paul McCarthy








This is some of the unsolicited positive feedback that I have received from my clients who have experienced channeled readings, workshops and attunements. I am very grateful for those who are kind enough to send this voluntarily and by sharing it I can help others to understand my work better. I have removed personal information and identity. The channeled readings feedback is on a second page click here


Star Attunements Feedback

I didn't feel much during the attunement ( that is not unusual for me) however I have since felt an enriched sense of clarity.  Every word of your feedback made complete sense to me and I am grateful.  I have also felt a greater sense of ease that comes to me more readily than previously. Thank you deeply Paul. Your attunements are so very needed on this planet right now.

Hi, I actually felt alot of energy move...... Like the attunement's gift was a depth of clarity. Such a moving session. Thank you.

Paul, Yes I did feel a very strong sensation that kind of filled my whole body, it was actully a stronger sensation than I have ever experienced with any attunement I have recieved.

Hi PaulThe energies from the Attunement were just supreme.?? I just feel like its building each time you draw those energies for me . Thanks is just so inadequate so I will just express my highest level of gratitude for the benefits received

Thank you so much paul! I felt the energy so intensely and what lovely is that they did everything i had writte down in my intentions list.. I shall email you in around a months time for a second session :)
Your awesome!!!!

Dear Paul
the purification session was awesome. I felt some wonderful energies and work done on my top chakras. I felt the healing taking place. After a while i felt & heard a release of energies from my crown chakra, and saw like a cone open upwards, with the energy swirling up. The same with the inner hearing, a burst of energies coming through my hearing. Afterwards, i felt peaceful, lighter, love and gratitude for the help and work done on me


Thank you, Paul! I wouldn't know where to begin to describe what I felt. It was very different than my typical meditation! There were lots of colours, shapes, and a couple of presences. It was a good experience. – March 2014

Hello and thank you Paul,
I resonate totally with what you felt.It was a most powerful experience in both awareness and healing.
Blessings and thank you


Dear Paul. Thank you very much for my Attunment today. It is a great Gift that I have received. Much love and many Blessings.


Dearest Paul: Thank you so much! The attunement was beautiful, amazing and filled me with joy.

Hi Paul:)
Thank you for the attunement today:) Thought I would share with you. I went into meditation and felt alot of energy around me. After awhile I was spinning around in this white tube of light and then shot upward. Later I was surrounded in violet light and this vortex with this grid like thing opened up. After a time I could see this really long beautiful giant marble hallway with pillars and lined up on either side were figures in white robes and at the end of the hallway they were anointing someone and it was all in violet and white colors. Then I fell asleep. It was so cool!:) It wasn't all consecutive but kind of every now and then. I LOVED the feeling of so much energy around me.


Dear Paul

I enjoyed your remote purification session thoroughly. I meditated at the same time. I was tuned in & felt the purification taken place. I experienced a shift in energy. I felt lighter, clearer and my being expanding. By the end i felt my vibration buzzing and swirling. Thank you for this experience.


Hi Paul The attunement is really good. It brought me into a wonderful calm and restful loving space. Life seems good and everything is fine. I think I have integrated it, as my 'normal' state is re-emerging.


This attunement was very powerful experience for me and I felt the energies deeply.  And they felt so familiar and dear to me. Thank You again for giving me this opportunity♥!
Dear Paul,Thank you very much for facilitating the attunement and for your feedback! It was a wonderful experience for me and it feels like a milestone in my spiritual development.

  Hello Paul,>
> Wow! Thank you for the beautiful and profound Andromeda attunement on
> Sept 9. I felt the strong energy running all through my subtle bodies
> and tingling sensations on my crown chakra and palms. I saw your
> radiant spirit and light beings (Andromeda masters?) in a beautiful
> space and received some codes, healing, and upgrade. I felt rewired
> and full of love energy. Thank you.

Hi Paul,
Thank you for the beautiful attunement and your helpful report. Indeed, I fell asleep and woke up sensing massive angels near my space. They are still here, and I'm appreciating what's been transpired :-) Again, thank you. in harmony,


Hi Paul,
Thank you very much for the attunment session with the Cherubim and the clearing of the old past issues, etc, it was deeply felt and now as a result, I do feel much less attached to the past than before. I look forward to working again with you next month, I will do an attunment with the Andromedains for my next session. I look forward to that very much
Thank you again and best wishes,


Dear Paul,
Thank you so much for your feedback.....and for this truly beautiful experience.
There are no words to describe my connection ......it was blissful and profound on all levels....and as you say, truly a re-union. I feel so blessed.
I felt so guided to having this attunement ...and know that there is so much more to unfold.
Thank you Paul.

Dear Paul,
I just want to thank you for the initiation this morning, it was wonderful, exquisite. Such peace, I felt supported and loved and wanted to stay there. It was as though they went straight into my heart. Thank you.


Dear Paul,
I really enjoyed the attunement

Dear Paul,
Thanks for your feedback Paul. It was a wonderful experience. I will deepen this further more in my meditations – June 2014


Hi Paul,
Thank you very much for the attunements. I received a great deal from them and your feedback has been very useful to me on my path of ascension. Thank you once again. blessings always

Dear Paul,
I did enjoy my Andromeda attunement last week. I did sleep but after the attunement I DO FEEL CLOSER TO GOD ... you do not know how much this means to me. Could I repeat the Andromeda attunement next month please ??? Thank you for your time.
Billions of blessings and love


Dear Paul,
I really enjoyed this Sirian attunement. I felt so much energy, beginning in the heart, going down towards the feet and then going up to the throat, and up to the head and above. I feel a lot of love for all these beautiful guides and a special connection with Sirian Masters. It's really wonderful and I thank you so much to help me feel all that.
With much love.

Dear Paul...
The attunement was a powerful and healing experience for me. it is very good to have the feedback too.
very many thanks.


Hello, Paul.
And about pleiadian attunment... I'll try to describe it in the words. My connection with the Star (or Stars) or Pleiadian energy, whatever you want to call it,is now instant. And there is a big change in my energy as well, which I find amazing.

THE ATTUNEMENT WAS VERY STRONG, I HAVE FEEL ON THE CROWN IN THE HEAD , TO OPEN (my English is bad)in not the first attunement in my life that I received, but this was particulary, thanks thanks


Hi Paul,
Thank you for the attunements this morning. I felt great energies around me, in particular, for some reason, a very large, powerful Panther.? I work work with Angels and Spirit all the time and for some time, have been drawn to the teachings of Dr. Joshua Stone, so much so, that I have signed up for the 7 year course with Gloria. I feel exhausted today and really feel I need to chill out this evening. Thank you again Paul and God bless you on your Path.

Hi Paul,
I wanted to let you know , the attunement is GREAT! I am buzzing like a little bee...slept for 2 hours after the attunement. I can hear the connection from my left side and feel the connection on the back of my neck..I really like it, I was skeptical at first, I'm a believer now. thanks again,


Hi Paul
Thanks for the attunement what can I say WOW! seems so inadequate lol Thanks for the feedback and yes I have been making some serious life changes mentally anyway lol


Thank you, so much for my incredible attunement. I love, love, love, them and so look forward to one every month!


Dear Paul,
when I received your instructions and went through them, I immedately started feeling a warm, loving and compassionate intelligence or intelligences around.me. I started crying intuitively.


Hi Paul, First i am so happy that you do this work for people, it is so wonderful to have this in the midst of this dimension. The attunement was so great, i felt a shift of energy quite obvious, my identity disappeared throughout and i did not feel like i was on earth. I actually felt a little mad ( like what´s happening?) but something felt so right. I have been crying but also i feel more present and ore real. I was missing this so much; this connection i mean. I am very very grateful to you and the beings you work with, With much love and warmth,


Hi Paul. Thankyou so much for sharing with me, really appreciate this!!! & the best word I can use to describe to you is Wow!!! I didn't fall asleep this time but I was very relaxed & I felt such peace & as you say the energies were incredible!!! What I was shown & felt was a huge sunflower

fully opened blazing down upon me & I felt such warmth, nurturing & love, this sunflower was infinite & all consuming, this is the best way I can describe this in as you say physical terms!!! Yes I am aware of the connection already present but knew this was necessary!!! Thankyou so much once again Paul


Dear Paul,
the results of the attunement are great and I can feel this in my life already. I hope to make the best out of this great opportunity. My ascension symptoms are better now
Thank you very much!


Dear Paul! Thank you so much for the Sirian attunement :-)


Crystals Feedback


"Thankyou for the Ashtar Light Pads...WOW!It exeeded anything I could imagine. I thought the image on your website was just a schematic representation,I was expecting individual crystals with different functions.So when I saw it...thankyou...I love it!!It just so pristine and nice and well-made and expertly conceived.It is a wonderful blessing and I am truley grateful that it has come into my life."

Paul I want to thank you for your fine tuned Channeling abilities. The Ashtar Pod Crystals are very healing just buy themselves. They do exactly what you say they do and a lot more. Thank you Paul    

 " I just wanted to reach out to you to thank you for the Star Genie Pads. They arrived today and I immediately sat down to meditate with them in the order of use that you suggested. The energies are so gentle yet so profound that they brought tears to my eyes. I thank you for bringing this beautiful system to humanity. " 

Thank you Paul for the amazing GIFT Crystal!!! It is such a profound "device/consciousness" :-) Many Blessings
Hello Paul,

I am just writing to confirm that the Crystals have arrived today, and I absolutely LOVE THEM! So THANK you very much!

I have already meditated with it and felt the wonderful energies and vibrations of the crystal. What a great gift this is indeed! Thank You for bringing this opportunity to me and to us all on earth.


Hi Paul,
I received the Angel Crystals and was floored by their energy. I am ordering two more sets, one for the Ascended masters and one for the 6 wonders. I am also spreading the word about these amazing stones so you will more than likely be seeing more orders. I have never experienced anything like this from holding a crystal. Amazing!! Thank you so much for your work.....;-)
Lots of Love


Hello Paul,
I can already feel the results from the etheric crystal. Energy moves from my crown to my root much more easily and I do feel grounded. I've had a problem with grounding for years. The energy was light at first, then became EXTREMELY strong. I've noticed that my emotions are lighter now, and it takes more effort to experience negative emotions. I am so glad that you exist and are able to do this type of work to help others. I will probably use your services again soon.
Much happiness and many blessings,

Dear Paul,
I don't know if I am suppose to tell you the outcome of my experiences or not, but I feel that it is very interesting what has been happening to me, and worthwhie sharing. The crystals that you have sent to me are manifesting magical knowledge and gifts. We are melding as one. When I received them, I took each crystal individually and wrote down my feelings, and what I saw, and knew. When I meld with them I am aware of the universal mind working with me. I am becoming the Instrument of PEACE which I have come into this incarnation to serve and BE. I can't thank you enough. My soul is outpouring sounds of Eternity. I am now creating with the help of St-Germain, Victoria, and the angels of the elohim. The violet flame has been re-ignited within me.
Your sister,

Hi Paul
Just a word to say that I have worked for quite some time now with the stones/crystals you had sent me a while ago. I have received most astonishing help from them and I would like to thank you once more for being there to supply them.
Best regards


Hi Paul
Just to thank you for the crystals and to say that I have held the 4 from Sirius and got 4 different wonderful messages! Thanks, they are really attuned.
Kind regards

"Thanks as well for the sleeping stones which my girlfriend has been using over the past months. Her sleeping has remarkably become better, I can tell the difference! I go to bed later than her, and before she never (!) was asleep when I entered the bedroom. Now she always (!) is. Before, she was a wreck each morning, a zombie needing coffee to get to life. Now she's smiling and joking, what a difference. I really am impressed with the results, and can feel the effects myself as well. I was already a good sleeper, but I feel I get pulled into a deep sleep, so much quicker, so I'm really amazed by the results!"


Hello Paul
The crystals have arrived safely this morning. They all look and feel lovely. I hope to spend more time with them soon. The Andromeda crystal was out of it's pouch wanting to be the first for me to hold.


Books Feedback

Thank you Paul. I received it very quickly.  What a beautifully written book! .Thanks again,

Hi Paul.
I'm currently reading your ascension book on Kindle. Very well written and it seems like you've done a great job of both nailing the topics point-on and revamping the dialog. Thank you,

I am thoroughly enjoying your book, its so good and written in such an easy way. Any doubt I had about being a starseed has been washed away as I literally feel the book was written for me, it just all resonates with me and not to sound big headed but all I keep saying to myself reading it is 'I know this' bar about ETB but the geneal stuff bout starseed, life missions its like I'm reading about myself. Thanks for writing this book, its laid out and written in such an easy way. I thought I'd never be able read book on something like that, thoughtit would all be too complicated but its not at all. I've answered a few questions and will e-mail to you. Kindly

Hello Paul,
I recently ordered this book from you and am a very happy customer. I wonder what is next. I am drawn to your Learn to Channel your Guides course and book as well as your other books, but channeled writing feels like what is happening for me. The meditation in your book changed my life. I visited, what I believe is Sirius and journaled my experience. Truly, a paradigm shift in my own self perception and life perception as well. I have been working with rystals for years and specifically 'star seeds' from Brazil.

I am immensely enjoying reading your book on starmasters & starseeds. It is excellent, and I could not agree more on the persepectives you share on starseeds in general.

Dear Paul,  To tell you the truth, I already bought 'Ascended master-book'on Kindle 10 days ago or something and loved it. I want to have the book physically too, :) happy

 How beautiful to finally have a further map that places the work that I did with I AM University and Joshua David Stone in a deeper, more complete, and more expansive map of human experience
with its many depths and connective abilities.


Dear Mr. McCarthy,
I am writing for permission to use a portion of your definition of Starseed. It is the best and closest definition that I have come across and the most beautifully and accurately written. I will be posting it on my own web page, giving credit to you, with your name and website. If permissible, please email me.


Dear Paul, I received "Ascension" -- thank you, I read much of it the first day.

I wept at the first chapters -- this is information I've been waiting for -- intuiting parts of, but not knowing how the pieces fit -- for a long, long time.

Thank you so much for writing "Ascension!" Congratulations and special appreciation for achieving such a clear, straightforward presentation.


Hi Paul, I have nearly finished reading your new book and think it’s just wonderful, the energy is fantastic and the words so wise and practical, thank you so much.


My dearest brother, I am so grateful for your 2 books which I received today. I started reading Starseeds and Star Masters and had a hard time putting it down. I have read 60 pages and realized that I must get some other things done; balance is essential.

You truly are as you call it, the flavour that I resonate with. Your words are HOME to me, as is the essence of Paul. I am familiar with the TRUTH that you write about. You are presenting me with a most beautiful Gift, pieces to my puzzle!

Yes, this is Home to me. I know this language of Oneness, Service, Equality. I have searched and you have appeared with such beauty and simplicity. So much is happening for me, thank you! I know that service is your passion, as is mine, and I just want you to know that you inspire me, and that I aspire to serve this planet and its inhabitants as well as you do !
With great love and respect,


Hi Paul,
I finished the book last week and I'm so glad you recommended it - it's amazing! My first reaction was "finally!". Most of the things I've been hearing about ascension have felt lower perspective to me. I have really felt that these descriptions have been missing so much and now I see what it is. It's so exciting to see what's ahead as I know deep inside that I've been there before and have yearned to be there again - I just never knew where "there" was.

This has been a huge catalyst in my growth. Throughout my process there has been a part of me that has been clutching the ground after each round hoping that stability would finally come. After reading this, it has HUGELY altered my perspective and I am finding myself completely embracing the process for the first time. This has allowed me to make some really huge leaps in growth in the last week alone!

Thanks so much for the book and the broadened horizons,


Hi Paul
Thankyou so much for sending me a copy of your wonderful book which has arrived safely. I am finding it most enjoyable and enlightening.
With love and light


Courses Feedback



Dear Paul,
Emmm..... not sure what to say really. Firstly thank you for all the notes for this course. They have helped me make complete sense of all that has gone on over the past few weeks.. Having read your notes it has helped me realise how essential this has been for me on my ascension path. I realise how much I was resisting it thinking I could - now I realise I couldn’t and I’m actually laughing at myself!!! Anyway I just wanted to share that with you and say a huge thank you for this next course.


Dear Paul
thank you for sending me the course notes and exercises. I deeply appreciate the way you share information and the energy that is behind the words. It's hard to find the words for it, but modest and big come to my mind and a lot of unconditional Love.

Hello Paul
I have paid for a Quan Yin course, via email and another Channeled reading please Thank you to St.Germain and Mother Mary and yourself for the channeled reading. After listening to the CD, my addiction to certain foods diminished and so far I have lost 2 stone in weight.
Thanks Paul

Workshops Feedback

Dear Paul,
Thanks again for your invitation to the channelling workshop. It was a real eye-opener, to say the least; one of those experiences that changes everything from there on in. I've been swept up in the usual goings-on, so haven't had a chance to get back in touch with our friends in the higher realms, but look forward to the next opportunity when things quieten down.


Dear Paul,,
Thank you for the wonderful seminar. Quite a few of my clients have felt the flame and like it very much,amongst the rest of the healing.


Dear Paul,
Thank you so much for your brilliant workshop yesterday. It was very informative, and i really got such a lot from it.


Dear Paul,
I just wanted to get back to you on the spiritual leadership course: In spite of having been subsumed in the 3rd density world of publishing for the past 10 years or so, I was still quite able to embrace the many profound and enlightening concepts that you outlined, and indeed much of it reinforced what has been unfolding before me already. I think it also demonstrated that you do not have to be working in healing or other 'holistic' disciplines in order to benefit from and apply this paradigm. The channelled talk from Josh Stone and Sananda was extremely lucid and profound.


Hi Paul.
I just wanted to email you to say a huge thankyou for last weekend. I couldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams just how profound the energies were and just what effect they would have on me. My conscousness since your weekend has soared to heights that I haven't felt before. I have felt more connected than ever before and I feel the christ presence with me much more strongly than I have ever experienced. On the saturday I literally bathed in the love emanating from the masters and I felt my consciousness lifting and refining, I knew I was experiencing something very profound and I am so grateful to all you gathered for the two days and to you my dear friend for helping to facilitate this growth within myself. I have also felt a stronger connection to the goddess since your workshop,.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for all of your help in getting me to this point, for all your great guidance in your readings, what a true blessing they have been and what a blessing you have been, I thankyou from one brother to another.


Dear Paul,
Just a quick note to thank you for facilitating the day on Sunday and for
holding that space with such grace. It was an honour to be there amidst
such a beautiful group of people and an extraordinary experience.


Hi Paul,
Thanks for the weekend, it's always hard to get back into routine when you spend a day in such wonderful energy. During the channelling exercise I managed to attune to a level I haven't been able to before.

Dear Paul 
Thank you very much for a great workshop last Saturday.  It was simple and direct as you say that’s how you teach and at the same time very profound and enjoyable.

Dear Paul
A huge thanks for yet another excellent workshop. I feel a little more confident in my ability to channel and know that the simple but effected techniques you have provided us with will help this grow and develop.


Hi Paul.

Thankyou for the Channeling workshop on Saturday. I really enjoyed the day, it was a very powerful experience when we all began to practice channeling. I appreciated your simple techniques and exercises to raising our consciousness and vibration in order to connect to our Guides.

Hi Paul
Excellent workshop I thoroughly enjoyed every minute

Dear Paul!
How great it was to have you here! The people were impressed and enjoyed the workshop very much. I got several emails where they wrote me this.


Dear Paul

I attended your workshop in Leeds the weekend before last and want to say a special thank you. I enjoyed it so much. My attending your course was absolutely perfect timing for me.