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Guide to Attunements and Activations
What are Attunements or Activations?
What are Star
Attunements ?

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What are Activations and Attunements?

These are generic words to describe energetic events that promote spiritual growth, expanded awareness, higher consciousness and activations of Chakras, Subtle Bodies and Light Bodies. The person giving the activation skillfully and deliberately connects the recipient to specific spiritual energies, often working with guides to provide the activation. At a basic level an activation / attunement connects us to specific spiritual energies or guides in order to receive their help.

What do they do!? What experiences might I have?

At an etheric and energetic level, activations stimulate the opening and functioning of chakras, subtle bodies and light bodies. There is a science to this side of it and some of the information is available through spiritual teachers who study this. It is not necessary to know this information in order to receive or give activations. It is far more important for those receiving activations to know how best to work with the activation in order to make the most progress with them. This is why I provide a preparation guide to everyone who receives my activations

What might you experience with an activation? You may feel energy and activity in your aura. You may drift into a trance or actually sleep. Some people will see images or colours and be aware of the Star Guides. Most people feel touched by divine love. You may feel none of these things and this is fine as it still works.

Afterwards many people report feeling a very expanded awareness, enhanced healing, psychic and telepathic abilities, help with their therapy / spiritual work and help with their growth patterns.

Activations are often a powerful and stimulating feeling which leaves us feeling expanded and high with a sense of optimism, potential and freedom.

It is at the level of our spiritual consciousness and awareness that activations affect us in the most important ways. This happens both in the sessions and afterwards as well. Examples of this are …

Are you more aware of the space around you? Do you feel as if “you” are no longer just inside your physical body but occupy a space around you. Are you more aware of a spiritual presence even though it is hard to define? Are you more aware of spiritual love? Are you more aware of a part of you that is more than your personality and ego? Are you more aware of spiritual energy working with you? Are you more aware of spiritual guides and the Goddess? Are you aware of your consciousness / awareness being “stretched” and travelling out into the Universe? Are you seeing images in your “imagination” that have meaning? Are you experiencing heightened or uplifting emotions? Do you simply feel different or good without being able to define this? Do you somehow feel lighter or even high?

If you are feeling these things in the session or afterwards then you are feeling the effects of the activations. This can lead to permanent changes in your spiritual consciousness /awareness which is called spiritual growth, ascension or higher consciousness. This is the reason for having the activation. The next step is to know how to fully allow these changes to take place, not to resist them and then to integrate these experiences.


What are Star Activations / Attunements and why are they so popular?

A star attunement is where I connect the recipient to a group of Star Beings or the spiritual energy or consciousness of a Star or group of Stars. This provides a high level healing or activation. The Star Beings that I choose to work with are extremely evolved and even more so than Ascended Masters on Earth. Whilst this may surprise some, this reality has been acknowledged in such teachings as Theosophy where the Master Djwhal Khul refers to “The Path to Sirius” as being a higher form of spiritual knowledge than is available on Earth. The evolved Star beings have a more expanded and “Galactic” style of consciousness. The energies from Stars are amazing and powerful. Stars are vast spiritual beings that directly influence the life, experiences and spiritual growth of all physical beings including humans. Past civilisations on Earth have called them Gods in recognition of their importance and ability to help us. Many myths and fables exist describing the Gods (stars) and their history of interaction with humanity. For those who are sensitive to spiritual energies, the experience of the Star energies is most enjoyable. This is above all a high level spiritual experience. Many Star Seeds recognise specific star energies from their lives in the Stars and so it is a “coming home” experience during the attunement. Each Star has its own energy, influence and spiritual agenda and all are good. As such attunements can be given with all of the billions of stars! However to be practical we must focus on those Stars whose gift to us is in alignment with our needs and spiritual agenda. This why I have chosen the most relevant and useful stars to work with in my attunements and this “panel” is on my website.


What are the differences between Healing and Activations?

Healing energy is often linked to the working with our past. The reason people seek out pure healing is often because they are suffering from physical disease or from emotional problems. At the Holistic level of understanding there has been a block somewhere in the system and this has manifested itself at the physical or emotional level as an ailment or condition. Healing is used to work through the block and to bring back a balance at all levels. An example of this might be a closed heart that resulted from a hurtful relationship. Here the person might be experiencing great sadness, loneliness and an inability to trust others as well as self. Healing energy would in this case help the person to forgive, move on and allow an opening of the heart, leading to a more trusting nature. As such with most healing issues these blocks come about because of reactions to life events from the past. They are unresolved and so manifest as symptoms now in the present. Even with a spiritual crisis, the healing seeks to “undo” the emotions and mind-set which created this situation in the past.

Activations however are about the future. The motivations for working with activations are to stimulate spiritual growth which guides us into higher consciousness now and in the future. It is an important difference. Here we are choosing to take action not because we have cancer and need healing, but because we seek something more for ourselves. This powerful intention rocks the Universe! We get the attention of guides. They have been waiting for us to give our permission to work with them in this way and there is no better way of demonstrating this than to ask for a higher level activation. Remember we live in a world of free will and so if you are not asking for these things then you will not be receiving them!

The actual experience of receiving an activation is different from receiving healing. Healing leaves us feeling relaxed, more complete and a sense of relief. Activations are often a more powerful and stimulating feeling which leaves us feeling expanded and high with a sense of optimism, potential and freedom.


Measuring changes in us after Activations?

These Attunements help us to expand our consciousness. It is important for us to be aware of this. However the nature of consciousness is that it is hard to define for it simply is. We quickly become familiar with new levels of consciousness and forget how it used to be like with the previous levels. It is therefore useful to use “Markers” when talking about consciousness. Here these give us a way of comparing different levels of our own consciousness and therefore they give us an indication of how much we have grown. The Sirian Masters have suggested that some good Markers are our reflections on how we experience love and peace after these activations. These are higher qualities that we adopt as part of our move towards higher consciousness. Here the invitation is to reflect on our experiences of love and peace in our everyday life. Here are some questions that you can ask yourself which form markers.

How is love present in your relationships? Is this different from before? Is the quality of love different? How are your responses to people now, especially when they are being challenging? Are you more loving and forgiving with others now? How is your relationship to yourself now? Are you more accepting and loving of yourself? How is your appreciation of peace now? Do you seek more peace in your life now? Do you enjoy quietness and stillness more? Do you seek more harmony in life now?

Is it fair to say that your answers to these questions are different from what they would have been in the past? If so they help to show you how your consciousness has expanded and been refined for the experiences of unconditional love and profound peace are higher levels of being and higher levels of consciousness.

When Activations are given as here is a period of time when we discover how we now perceive our reality and how we interact with it. It is as if we have to catch up with what has happened energetically and notice these changes in our awareness. This is why I use the word potential in describing aspects of higher consciousness for there is no guarantee of what any one individual will experience. Some people will notice aspects of personal higher consciousness more deeply and more readily than others. We all perceive things differently. In addition just because we have received an attunement or activation this does not mean we will never experience lower levels of consciousness again. Our thoughts and feelings create our reality and so if we continue to think and feel lower thought forms we will experience lower levels of consciousness. The guides and angels cannot think our thoughts for us. Only we can do this. As such we all need to take full responsibility for our own thoughts. The experience of being human is all about evolving ourselves in an empowered way. It is not about expecting someone else like an angel or master to do this for us. I cannot stress this enough as many people are confused about this. They are here to guide us and assist us but we have to do a lot of the work. If after an activation we continue with old patterns of thoughts and behaviour then we will find it hard to notice the higher levels of consciousness that are now available.


What can Star Attunements / Activations achieve?

Star Attunement help with spiritual growth, transformation and healing. They can provide a boost to these activities and also become the catalyst for them. Everyone needs to do their spiritual homework in addition to receiving the attunements and attunements should not be considered as replacements for traditional spiritual work. The exact influence of Attunements is hard to predict as it depends on so many variables. Attunements should not be considered to achieve specific and immediate goals such as “make me psychic”, achieve Ascension or result in a miraculous healing of a specific condition. This is not how they work. Also it is more realistic to see attunements as a tool to use often or when needed rather than to focus on only one attunement and then have great and unrealistic expectations attached to this.

How does Paul give attunements?

I act as a connection between the recipient and the guide or energy. I first have to raise my vibration considerably and then connect to the chosen guide or energy. I then check the connection is what is intended and then also connect to the recipient’s energy fields. I then allow a flow of energy and consciousness between the guide / energy and the recipient. This sets up the attunement. The content of the attunement is decided by the guide or energy both of which have active intelligence and can sense what the recipient needs. I only work with high level energies and guides and their work in this area is amazing and should be trusted. I personally do not channel my energies nor attempt to control or influence the content of the attunement. This is the work of the guides or energy. This why each and every attunement is different as our needs are constantly changing. After the attunement I will send an email to the recipient sharing any observations that I had during the attunement about what was happening. This is not a channeled reading. During the attunement most of my focus is placed on holding the connection and I am not communicating with guides or looking for information. The feedback I give is only intended to give a rough description of the attunement. It is not even necessary but I choose to share my experiences.

What are Paul’s best experiences with Activations?

I do feel the energies of the Star Beings and Stars as I am facilitating the attunements. These energies are beautiful and I always enjoy connecting to them. However there are times when the energies seem to flow more strongly and more profound spiritual transformation and healing takes places than normally. It can be breath taking. This happens when a recipient is more open to the experience and when the timing of the attunement is important and coincides with high level spiritual initiations.

What are the most popular Activations?

The Sirian Attunement is the most popular as nearly all Star Seeds have a connection to Sirius as it the closest connection to Humanity and is therefore familiar to all. Sirius is the Guardian to Earth and Humanity. The holy and loving energies of Sirius are loved by all.

Other Star Attunements have been popular as well. Often the gifts of particular Stars become more relevant at certain times and Star Seed subconsciously recognise this and book these sessions. Currently the Orion Attunement is very popular.

What are the most productive approaches to receiving Activations?

The biggest obstacle to making progress with activations or even healing for that matter is our natural resistance to spiritual energies. When we resist energies we block them. Resistance is a natural pattern in human beings and even advanced spiritual people resist that which is higher or more evolved than themselves even if this is just an initial reaction. The best way to avoid this is to generate a desire to receive the attunement and allow any doubts or fears to fade away. Then in the session itself it is important to physically relax and imagine that your energies are open and fluid and that you want to embrace the energies that come to help you. You have got to want it and give permission to the universe to give you as much as is possible.


What are the hardest Activations for Paul to give?

The Celestial Fusions are the hardest as I need to channel two star energies at the same time and focus them in a way that creates a third new combined energy. Normally I have to channel one energy only such as Arcturian , Pleiadian, Vega etc. This requires a great degree of concentration and so adding these extra elements is hard! The Celestial fusions choices include Sirius B & Deneb (Cygnus) and Sirius B Ruby Red flame with the Orion Royal Blue Flame.

Out of the normal Star Attunements, the Andromeda Attunement is the hardest as I connect to the energies of the whole Galaxy of Andromeda which is vast and powerful. It sometimes feels as I am going to explode with all the energy!



How do I pick a Star Attunement?

There is no right or wrong answer to this. They all provide wonderful benefits. It is not possible to get this wrong. However some Star Attunements might offer energies and opportunities which are more relevant to us in this moment. Some people are unaware of their spiritual agenda and so it is hard to consciously pick an attunement that is perfect for them at this moment. However spiritual people are guided by their intuition and instincts. Please trust these parts of yourself and allow yourself to be attracted to one or more of the attunements. This is your signs that it is the right one and trust this process. It is amazing how it works.

 Can I have more than one of the same attunement?

Yes.. I have some clients that love a particular one and order many sessions!  It is never the same attunement as each attunement is different.  If you had 2 Sirian attunements then each time the Sirian guides would assess you and give you what you need for THAT MOMENT.  As we are constantly  changing  then invariably our  requirements  change and the guides respond by giving us different attunements.

Do I need an Activation?

Nobody NEEDS an activation. We live in a world of free will and so everyone has choices about spiritual growth. However I know that we live in a world and at a time where growth and change ARE the agenda now whether we like it or not and whether we are aware of it or not. We cannot deny this and those that do run into great difficulties. The higher way is to engage these agendas and work with the energies of change for us personally. When we do this we benefit greatly and tend to avoid the pitfalls of doing nothing. Working with Star Beings and Star energies is choosing to work with the best guides and highest energies. I know what I would choose to do……


Why can’t I activate myself instead of receiving help like Star Attunements?

Everyone can make progress with their spiritual growth by working alone. Can individuals access the highest levels with this approach? The answer is no. Not everyone has the abilities needed to initiate attunements for themselves. Most individuals are simply not aware of the energies and guides that are available. Knowing what is needed and what to ask for is a skill. If you are working in isolation, are you able to overcome your internal resistance to receiving spiritual energies? Most are not even aware of the existence of resistance or how to overcome it. Throughout all time there have been spiritual teachers, healers and channels working to help others with energy work. Often they are highly suited to this work and have their energy bodies constructed to do this. They are often trained to do this on Earth and in other places too. Think of the Druids, the Shaman, Gurus and the Temple Priests and Priestesses. Then there are the Guides who have worked with humanity for all time. For individuals to believe that they do not need to engage with such things and somehow achieve the same results all by themselves is naive. Earth is a place of interaction with others in all ways. This includes our spiritual growth. There will always be others who are more advanced than ourselves and can help us. If a being was meant to do things all by themselves then why did they come to Earth?

See the Star Attunement menu and book here



Paul, Yes I did feel a very strong sensation that kind of filled my whole body, it was actully a stronger sensation than I have ever experienced with any attunement I have recieved.

Hi Paul The energies from the Attunement were just supreme.?? I just feel like its building each time you draw those energies for me . Thanks is just so inadequate so I will just express my highest level of gratitude for the benefits received

Thank you so much paul! I felt the energy so intensely and what lovely is that they did everything i had writte down in my intentions list.. I shall email you in around a months time for a second session :)
Your awesome!!!!

Dear Paul I enjoyed your remote purification session thoroughly. I meditated at the same time. I was tuned in & felt the purification taken place. I experienced a shift in energy. I felt lighter, clearer and my being expanding. By the end i felt my vibration buzzing and swirling. Thank you for this experience.

Thank you, Paul! I wouldn't know where to begin to describe what I felt. It was very different than my typical meditation! There were lots of colours, shapes, and a couple of presences. It was a good experience.

Hello and thank you Paul,  I resonate totally with what you felt.It was a most powerful experience in both awareness and healing.  Blessings and thank you

Dear Paul. Thank you very much for my Attunment today. It is a great Gift that I have received. Much love and many Blessings.

Dearest Paul: Thank you so much! The attunement was beautiful, amazing and filled me with joy.

Dear Paul,  
I really enjoyed this Sirian attunement. I felt so much energy, beginning in the heart, going down towards the feet and then going up to the throat, and up to the head and above. I feel a lot of love for all these beautiful guides and a special connection with Sirian Masters. It's really wonderful and I thank you so much to help me feel all that.  
With much love.

Dear Paul   the purification session was awesome. I felt some wonderful energies and work done on my top chakras. I felt the healing taking place. After a while i felt & heard a release of energies from my crown chakra, and saw like a cone open upwards, with the energy swirling up. The same with the inner hearing, a burst of energies

Hi Paul The attunement is really good. It brought me into a wonderful calm and restful loving space. Life seems good and everything is fine. I think I have integrated it, as my 'normal' state is re-emerging.

This attunement was very powerful experience for me and I felt the energies deeply.  And they felt so familiar and dear to me. Thank You again for giving me this opportunity ♥ !
Dear Paul   the purification session was awesome. I felt some wonderful energies and work done on my top chakras. I felt the healing taking place. After a while i felt & heard a release of energies from my crown chakra, and saw like a cone open upwards, with the energy swirling up. The same with the inner hearing, a burst of energies coming through my hearing. Afterwards, i felt peaceful, lighter, love and gratitude for the help and work done on me

Hello Paul,  
Wow! Thank you for the beautiful and profound Andromeda attunement on  
Sept 9. I felt the strong energy unning all through my subtle bodies  
and tingling sensations on my crown chakra and palms. I saw your  
radiant spirit and light beings (Andromeda masters?) in a beautiful  
space and received some codes, healing, and upgrade. I felt rewired  
and full of love energy. Thank you.

Hi Paul,
Thank you for the beautiful attunement and your helpful report. Indeed, I fell asleep and woke up sensing massive angels near my space. They are still here, and I'm appreciating what's been transpired :-) Again, thank you. in harmony,

Dear Paul,Thank you very much for facilitating the attunement and for your feedback! It was a wonderful experience for me and it feels like a milestone in my spiritual development.

Dear Paul,
Thank you so much for your feedback.....and for this truly beautiful experience.
There are no words to describe my connection ......it was blissful and profound on all levels....and as you say, truly a re-union. I feel so blessed.
I felt so guided to having this attunement ...and know that there is so much more to unfold.
Thank you Paul.

Dear Paul,  
I just want to thank you for the initiation this morning, it was wonderful, exquisite. Such peace, I felt supported and loved and wanted to stay there. It was as though they went straight into my heart. Thank you.  

Dear Paul,  
I really enjoyed the attunement  

Dear Paul,  
Thanks for your feedback Paul. It was a wonderful experience. I will deepen this further more in my meditations

Hi Paul,  
Thank you very much for the attunements. I received a great deal from them and your feedback has been very useful to me on my path of ascension. Thank you once again. blessings always

Dear Paul,
I did enjoy my Andromeda attunement last week. I did sleep but after the attunement I DO FEEL CLOSER TO GOD ... you do not know how much this means to me. Could I repeat the Andromeda attunement next month please ??? Thank you for your time.  
Billions of blessings and love

Hi Paul  
Thanks for the attunement what can I say WOW! seems so inadequate lol Thanks for the feedback and yes I have been making some serious life changes mentally anyway lol

Dear Paul...  
The attunement was a powerful and healing experience for me. it is very good to have the feedback too.  
very many thanks.

Hello, Paul.
And about pleiadian attunment... I'll try to describe it in the words. My connection with the Star (or Stars) or Pleiadian energy, whatever you want to call it,is now instant. And there is a big change in my energy as well, which I find amazing.

THE ATTUNEMENT WAS VERY STRONG, I HAVE FEEL ON THE CROWN IN THE HEAD , TO OPEN (my English is bad)in not the first attunement in my life that I received, but this was particulary, thanks thanks

Hi Paul,
I wanted to let you know , the attunement is GREAT! I am buzzing like a little bee...slept for 2 hours after the attunement. I can hear the connection from my left side and feel the connection on the back of my neck..I really like it, I was skeptical at first, I'm a believer now. thanks again,  

Hi Paul,  
Thank you very much for the attunment session with the Cherubim and the clearing of the old past issues, etc, it was deeply felt and now as a result, I do feel much less attached to the past than before. I look forward to working again with you next mo
nth, I will do an attunment with the Andromedains for my next session. I look forward to that very much  
Thank you again and best wishes,

Thank you, so much for my incredible attunement. I love, love, love, them and so look forward to one every month!

Dear Paul,
when I received your instructions and went through them, I immedately started feeling a warm, loving and compassionate intelligence or intelligences around.me. I started crying intuitively.

Hi Paul, First i am so happy that you do this work for people, it is so wonderful to have this in the midst of this dimension. The attunement was so great, i felt a shift of energy quite obvious, my identity disappeared throughout and i did not feel like i was on earth. I actually felt a little mad ( like what´s happening?) but something felt so right. I have been crying but also i feel more present and ore real. I was missing this so much; this connection i mean. I am very very grateful to you and the beings you work with, With much love and warmth,

Hi Paul. Thankyou so much for sharing with me, really appreciate this!!! & the best word I can use to describe to you is Wow!!! I didn't fall asleep this time but I was very relaxed & I felt such peace & as you say the energies were incredible!!! What I was shown & felt was a huge sunflower fully opened blazing down upon me & I felt such warmth, nurturing & love, this sunflower was infinite & all consuming, this is the best way I can describe this in as you say physical terms!!! Yes I am aware of the connection already present but knew this was necessary!!! Thankyou so much once again Paul

Dear Paul,  
the results of the attunement are great and I can feel this in my life already. I hope to make the best out of this great opportunity. My ascension symptoms are better now  
Thank you very much!

Hi Paul:)  
Thank you for the attunement today:) Thought I would share with you. I went into meditation and felt alot of energy around me. After awhile I was spinning around in this white tube of light and then shot upward. Later I was surrounded in violet light and this vortex with this grid like thing opened up. After a time I could see this really long beautiful giant marble hallway with pillars and lined up on either side were figures in white robes and at the end of the hallway they were anointing someone and it was all in violet and white colors. Then I fell asleep. It was so cool!:) It wasn't all consecutive but kind of every now and then. I LOVED the feeling of so much energy around me.