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This course no longer exists. You can still obtain star attunements here

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Welcome to the Inter Planetary Star Seed School!

Starseed Training

Online Star Seed Course

I have co-created this new Star Seed School with the Star Masters in order to directly assist the Starseeds here on earth. I believe this to be the first of its kind in this world and so this is an exciting time for those who will be involved! It works with the main areas that star seeds want to learn about themselves and need to develop!

2 Books

23 Star Connection Cards set

23 Life Missions Card set

Included in the course are my new books "Star Seeds & Star Masters" & "Light Ships & Star Families" as well as the new sets of 23 Star Seed Life Missions Cards & 23 Star Connections Cards

Aim of the Star Seed Course

The online Star Seed Course assists Star Seeds in understanding: yourself as a star seed, evolved extra terrestrial beings (star masters), stars, light ships, the difference in consciousness between star masters and human beings and how the star masters can help us. The course is ideal for those who do not feel earth is their true home, have had experiences with star guides or UFOs, who want to remember aspects of their personal star heritage and home and want to learn about their gifts from the stars and the star guides that are linked to them.

The course specifically helps to show how to:

Understand and embrace starseed identity

Connect to “home” in the stars

Understand unique starseed life missions

Connect to personal star seed guides and significant groups such as the Sirians, Arcturians, Ashtar, Pleiadians and Andromeda

To develop your sensitivity to star guides and star energies so that you can recognise them in meditation and in channeling

Explore the reality of being a starseed

Visit the Sirian Temples and Arcturian & Ashtar Lightships

Course products and services that you will receive

The course provides:

1.) 2 books Star Seeds and Star Masters & Light Ships & Star Families

2.) 2 cards sets - Star Seed Life Missions cards & Star Connection Cards

3.) A remote energetic Star attunement (choice of Sirian,Pleiadian, Arcturian,Vega, Orion or Andromeda)

4.) Written Course work to perform in the form of questionnaires

5.) brief channeled information from the stars masters on your life missions, star connections, origins, your starseed skills and gifts and your star guides.

6.) 6 Attuned star crystals including your "home" star, Sirius, Arcturus, Ashtar, Andromeda and Pleiades

How does it work?

This is an online HOME STUDY course. All correspondence are sent by email and so you can be any where in the world and be a part of this school.

This is a PERSONALISED COURSE which means that I will work with individual students. I will be giving brief channeled feedback on the starseed subjects.

This is not an elitist course and all levels of starseeds from those who have just awoken to those who are more familiar with these subjects are all welcome.


Please be aware that there is some written work for students to complete in the form of answering questionnaires. There are also meditations to practice in the courses. As such students need to be able to work with the material for at least 3 hours per week. Although there are no time frames to work within I would like to encourage students to work at a pace where progress becomes possible. The aim of the Star Seed Course is to give you the tools, practices and approaches that you can use for the rest of your life. It is designed to start you on that path. I will give some brief channeled information in "bullet point" form but this is only on the starseed material and not about general questions.The course is not designed to answer all of the questions that a person may have in life but rather to encourage them to explore the starseed subject in ways that leads to them answering some questions themselves and to them having personal experiences of this subject and not just an intellectual exploration of the subject.

How to Book your Star Seed Course

To book your course you need to make a online payment below. This course costs £200 including postage and packaging anywhere in the world

Goods are delivered in the UK by first class post with Royal Mail. Goods sent outside the UK are sent via standard air mail services of Royal Mail. You can pay by making online payment below

1.You can pay online by credit card or debit card using the paypal system. This would connect you to a secure payment collection service called paypal. All you have to do is click on the button directly below and follow the instructions.

£200 payment

Course materials are sent out after the full payment and the star attunement is arranged.

After booking questionnaires are sent out via email and the books, crystals and cards are sent as soon as possible to the address given on your paypal payment.

Conditions – please read before purchasing

The course is paid for in full and in advance.

There are no refunds available once the goods have been sent out and services given. This does not affect your statutory rights under the Distance Selling Regulations. Returns information is at Returns.

You are aged 18 or over and the course is for yourself.

This product or service is not to be booked by anyone suffering from any form of mental illness

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