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Spheres by Orun

Channeled Music CD

This is a New Age music CD containing eight tracks written, performed and recorded by Orun. Each track has its own unique sound which connects the listener to the subject matter. Themes include Star Seed, Extra-Terrestrail Worlds, Light Ships, Healing and Merlin. The music is written on keyboards using modern keyboard sounds and effects, strings, piano, choral voices, singing bowls and bells sounds.

The music can be used for meditation purposes but it is more than this. This is channeled music and as such it brings in the energies of the subject so that the listener can feel these and enjoy a deeper communication. This "Activational" style of music is rare and special as it brings spiritual and new age experiences to the listener.

The Music is mixed and recorded in a professional studio and the CDs produced professional reproduction company.


Music clips from Spheres

"inspiring spiritual music which connects you with divine realms"

"absolutely heavenly"



Star Seed
Light Ship
Celestial Healing
Dreams of Sirius
Painting Angels
Temple of Galorun
Sirius Ascension
Merlin Awakens

This music CD is exclusive to Sirius Ascension and cannot be bought anywhere else. The Album is only available on CD.

Ordering your Spheres CD - SOLD OUT / OUT OF STOCK
The Spheres music CD costs £13 including postage and packaging and can be sent anywhere in the world by ordinary airmail services.

Online Payment
You can pay by credit card or debit card using the paypal system. This would connect you to a secure payment collection service called paypal. All you have to do is click on the button directly below and follow the instructions.


Conditions – please read before purchasing
  There are no returns or refunds available once the CD has been sent out. This is accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations. .