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Life Missions / Starseed Missions

Having channeled for many people regarding this subject I have become aware how diverse Life Missions and star missions can be. They are agreed at soul level before birth with your guides, angels and those who will be with you. They can be split into 2 broad areas: Personal Spiritual Growth and Service Work which can be helping individuals, groups, the earth, animals or extraterrestrial communities.

Our life missions are why we are here. They guide us and motivate us to be who we are. They urge us on to find our roles and meaning in life. Star seeds especially feel as if they should be doing something which very often is not found within ordinary life. Many struggle to find what these missions are and so there is much frustration and even depression. They feel as if they are here to do something special but do not know what this is. Very often star seeds are humble and cannot imagine that they could be helping and serving in profound ways.

Starseeds have additional missions that often uses their talents and knowledge from previous lifetimes elsewhere in the galaxy. They are very often unusual and complex which make them difficult to understand on a conscious level. Even spiritual and enlightened people are not aware of these missions and roles and so many starseed struggle to find the information from others that they need and which makes sense.

This is why I give specific channeled readings on life missions and starseed missions. They are the most popular readings that I offer. Please see channeled readings . I have become aware that star seeds especially see their gifts and roles in terms of established roles like channelling , healing and spiritual teaching. Whilst it is true that some star seeds do these things, there are many other ways for us to be in service. There is a temptation to believe that being a channel or an author is the highest expression of spiritual service work. However I am aware of many other important starseed roles and I believe that these will become more known and honoured in turn. I know of the

The activators, the keepers of higher consciousness , the witnesses, the catalysts, the energy carriers and many others. These can be explored in a personal channeled reading by contacting me.

So please do not “pigeon hole” yourself too much as the chances are that you are much more than this and you will have this information soon. Always be open for more as there is always more to find out.

2006 is the big year for activating our spiritual missions in the deepest ways. This is the divine plan and so you will be given much support form the universe to do this. Many of us have been busy in recent years preparing for this time. There has much healing, purification, surrender and growth. And so let us implement our individual and collective missions now!

When we are conscious of our life missions and we surrender to these then we discover deep levels of joy and contentment. It is said that we cannot truly be happy until we are living our life missions and I would agree with this.

Please remember that different channels will provide different types of information. It is unlikely that one channel will have the monopoly of information and insights. We must be discerning about the information we are given by all channels and spiritual teachers and not give our power away to others. If some information does not resonate with you then just place it aside for now.

In addition I have found that life mission information is given to us when we can appreciate it and integrate it. As such there are always opportunities to receive further information and clarification in the future. We do not have to figure it all out today! We would like this but this is not the way it works. It is more like a drip-drip process.


There is a lot of new information and help with the different life missions included in my Starseed Home study Course which is offered through the Inter Planetary Starseed School click here

In addition personal channeled readings can reveal much about our personal life missions click here