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Our Extraterrestrial Connections

Extraterrestrial Groups

There are many different groups of physical and non physical Extraterrestrial Groups assisting planet earth and the starseeds at this time. They represent other Galaxies, other dimensions as well as other aspects of time. Very often there are groups of different beings working together to help us such as with the Intergalactic Councils and with Ashtar Command. The main groups that assist planet earth and the starseeds here are the Sirians, the Pleiadians, Ashtar Command and the Arcturians. All of these groups have deep connections with planet earth and this is why they regularly step forward to assist us.

Although individual starseeds may have origins outside these groups, these groups never the less represent some of the most useful helpers for starseeds on earth by virtue of their expertise with the human condition. It is possible to have guides from many different groups of Extraterrestrial Masters and this is quite normal. Each star system and Galaxy has its own energetic flavour and focus for consciousness. They each offer different skill and gifts to humanity.


The Arcturians are a group consciousness extraterrestrial race that are highly evolved and come from the Arcturus star system. They seek to help mankind and are known as masters healers. Their skills and knowledge in working with spiritual energies are immense. They have channeled through me that they are motivated to help us humans find our perfected self. Perfection here means being connected and aligned with of our divine self in ways which lead to the fullest possible experience and expression. Sometimes we need healing to assist us with this and so this is why they are known for their healing skills. However they are capable of helping us with many different aspects of our multi-dimensional self such as with energetic purification, grounding, soul awareness and with working in energetic ways with our chakras and light bodies.

I experience their energies as being very divine and high vibrational. It reminds me of the vibration of Angels. I suspect that at their level of evolution that they act in angelic ways. Indeed I believe that we need to have an open mind about the nature of evolved beings. It is normal for humans to want to categorise other beings in strict ways. However I think that it is possible that we will learn that there is more to the process of spiritual evolution of races and that maybe we evolve into angels and other types of beings.

There are some starseed present here on earth whose origins lie with Arcturus or have had past life times there. These starseeds have deep memories of how it is to belong to a close group consciousness and find the experience of the illusion of separation as offered by the human condition, a painful one. Here on earth they unconsciously seek deep union with other beings that they once enjoyed within the Arcturian community.

From my channelings of the Arcturians, I am aware that as a group that they have evolved so much that their collective destiny may take them into new dimensions and types of existence. I am aware of some starseeds from Arcturus whose life missions on earth involve being a type of monitor. This role assists the Arcturians to continue to understand the human condition and the destiny of mankind even though their own evolutionary path is increasingly becoming different.


There are groups of humanoids who come from a group of seven stars known collectively as the Pleiades. They are more evolved than mankind on earth and offer their support to us in terms of spiritual guidance. Those Pleiadians that I channel have perfected the expression of unconditional love and harmony within society as well as individually. They have mastered these aspects whilst being in physical bodies and so have much practical guidance to pass onto mankind about how to operate from a multi-dimensional basis within a physical human body. Here they have recognised the shared social experience of God / Goddess within the appreciation of art, music and dancing as being a unifying focus. They naturally want to share this approach with us. Many channels and Pleiadian starseeds are drawn to these areas within their communications and channelings with the Pleiadian Masters. Indeed many starseeds currently come from the Pleiades and their missions are to bring these higher teachings here to earth. There have been many such waves of starseeds from the Pleiades throughout history. Strong connections have historically existed between the Pleiades and with North and Central American Indians and are illustrated within their art. Indeed like with the Sirians, there is a common belief that the Pleiadians have been partly responsible for seeding mankind here on earth and that we share our DNA with them.

The Pleiadians are more aware of the divine feminine or Goddess than mankind. They align themselves to the creative forces of the Goddess an work within the cycles of nature. This has allowed them to become masters of agriculture as they work with nature spirits to co-create the wonderful fruits, flowers and vegetables. This is harmony with nature and the divine feminine energies and consciousness. This includes their use of water itself as a living consciousness. The Pleiadians are very knowledgeable about the effects of food and water on the physical body.

However within these perfected societies lie less opportunities to growth spiritually in new ways. This is because their consciousness has become more static and their life styles no longer offer new areas to explore. As such some Pleiadians choose to incarnate here on earth in order to seek growth from new experiences and opportunities. As mankind is less evolved, then being human on earth offers a wider range of experiences and challenges as there is still much negativity here and therefore potential for learning and growth. The understanding of the integration of polarities is an example of this.

When I connect with the Pleiadian guides in channeling, I experience their energies as being light and loving. They are often humorous and seek to give simple guidance as to how to ground divine love into our daily lives.

Ashtar Command

The Ashtar Command are a group of volunteer beings that come from all over the Universe. Their mission is to bring spiritual teachings and protection to evolving planets. As they are a group of different types of beings they represent a Galactic / Universal focus and effort. There are physical and non physical members of the group with Lord Ashtar being their leader.

They have star ships upon which individuals serve in different capacities such as navigators, channels and spiritual “engineers”. The Ashtar command have a close relationship with planet earth and protect this planet from negative extraterrestrials. They are a well known group to humans and yet perhaps not so well known is the fact that some of these members are currently incarnated as humans. These starseeds form the group known as the “seeds of Ashtar”. This group will form a unified voice for the Ashtar Command and other extraterrestrial groups in enlightening the rest of mankind to the destiny of planet earth. This is a group of mainly young and talented starseeds that will awaken to their starseed missions in a few years time. Their aim will be to educate mankind on how to become a functioning member of the Galactic federation and to work in peaceful and co-operative ways.


These are some thoughts from Joshua Stone's Book, Hidden Mysteries, ETs, Ancient Mystert Schools and Ascesnion

Our connection to Extraterrestrials is not as far fetched as some people believe, for there are indeed many other planets and Universes that have been created by God/ Source. To assume that the Earth and the human race is the only life that exists in this Universe is to be spiritually blind to the fact that God IS everything. There are millions of different life forms in the Universe alone, and some, in fact many are far more evolved than us. This planet is evolving into the fifth dimension, but there are already planets that are at that stage and beyond in existence.

Some of us on Earth have had many lives as different Ets and have lived on many other planets. We have evolved through different civilizations and cultures in the higher realms of light. Those ones are known as starseeds. To be given the gift of incarnation here on Earth at this special time of Earth`s “golden Age of Aquarius” is indeed a blessing. For on this planet we have the opportunities to evolve and spiritually grow much more in this one lifetime than ever before on any other planet or in fact on Earth. This time of growth is unique to us as humans and to the planet.

From the very beginning of Earth’s evolution, there have been highly evolved ETs that have helped us with our development. We as a planet and as human beings have been guided and protected by these various ETs in our development into the fifth dimension of God’s reality. As humans have freewill, the ETs are not allowed to interfere with how we run the planet, but are allowed to help if we ask for their assistance. These ETs are of course what we call positive Ets who are christed. They are not however any thing to do with the negative ones that manipulate humans for their own selfish gains.

Some of the most highly developed beings known as the Arcturians are from a star system and star called Arcturus. Arcturus Is a fifth dimensional civilization, a prototype for our future earth. It is an energy gateway through which humans pass during death and re-birth, it functions as a way station for non physical consciousness to become accustomed to physicality. The Arcturians teach us that the most fundamental ingredient for living in a fifth dimension is LOVE. Arcturus is approx 36 light years from Earth and the Arcturian starships encircle the earth to monitor our progress and help us with our spiritual evolution. These beings are pure love, they have advanced knowledge and are of an extremely high vibrational frequency they often communicate with humans through telepathy, and they have some of the most advanced healing techniques available to us for healing. They can be called upon by anyone who so wishes for healing, they will take you to their healing capsules on their planet and work on your etheric, mental, emotional bodies if you ask for them to. They are very powerful healers. Their average life span is 350—400 earth years because there is no sickness at all on Arcturus.

The Pleiadians are another ET group of christed beings who come from a star cluster in the constellation Taurus, approx five hundred light years from Earth. They are one of the most advanced races in this galaxy in terms of music and dance. They subtly bring through music to those musicians who are spiritually attuned, which in turn raises the vibrations of all those who hear it. They are also helping to bring in great advancements in the use of light, holograms and laser technology. They were the first humanoid society to develop hyper space travel and claim that their technology surpasses ours by about 3000 years.

The Sirians are another wonderful civilization of christed ETs. They are more advanced in the metaphysical sense as Sirius is one of the more advanced training centers or universities to which the Ascended Masters travel. Sirius has a direct link with our solar system and the Sirians have been amongst us since the time of the Mayan and Egyptian civilizations. They gave the Egyptians much advanced astronomical and medical information and also gave the Mayan race advanced knowledge. They helped the Earth during the time of the cataclysmic period in Atlantis. Sirius is a star system which is a meeting place for Earth beings who wish to continue their spiritual studies The Sirians helped to build the Pyramids and temples of Egypt and they are involved with helping Earth into this new Golden age.

The Ashtar Command are one of the great protectors of the Earth, they serve as a military force in the spaces above the planet. They are part of the unified Federation of Planets, whose term is used in many science fiction /space films but happens to be fact. Like in the films, the Ashtar Command are not allowed to infringe upon human freewill. Many of the Ashtar Command are masters themselves serving humans, the planet and us and they work alongside the Spiritual Hierarchy for Earth and the other advanced civilizations in the solar system.

Many of these space brothers and sisters are also involved with healing on the planet. They will work with us if we ask them to, particularly if you are a healer, you can invoke their energies into the healing session and they will assist all they can.

Another way that they are helpful is in our own personal health, we can ask to go to the Arcturians healing capsule or ask The Lord of Sirius to allow us to be worked on by Dr Lorphan who is a doctor living on Sirius. These beings are no ordinary doctors, they can delve deeply into all of our bodies, not just the physical, but emotional, mental, etheric bodies and are able to heal on many levels that we cannot. This type of healing is very powerful and is a great way to tune in to our ascended brothers and sisters in the higher realms of consciousness.