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I channel energies from the Sirian Masters directly to individuals who are ready to accept these gifts. We call these attunements and an attunement works on a variety of levels depending on what is needed by the individual. You do not have to have a connection to Sirius in order to receive one of these attunements.

What is a Sirian Attunement?

An attunement is a remote one to one remote session where I channel and hold the connection between The Sirian Masters / energies and the recepient. The attunements activate higher potentials in star seeds by working on individuals on all levels of their being. These energetic activations initiate rapid spiritual growth, the awareness and movement towards Christ Consciousness and Planetary Ascension as well as your own gifts, growth patterns and life missions.

Attunements provide energy work:

Energetic Purification
Activations of dormant DNA, energy centres, growth patterns, higher light bodies, higher chakras
Preparing the cells in the physical body to become more crystalline and carry more light.
Provide a closer alignment with soul and monad. Increased soul awareness.
Attunement with Sirian masters and energies
Cosmic clearance to transmute energies across all time and lives

Journeys in consciousness within other dimensions

Visits to Sirius and theSirius Temples of Ascension for life reviews, counseling, healing, contemplation, vows and planning other lives. Visit the Sirian Temple of Purity, Gardens of Contemplation, Initiation Temple or the Golden Temple and Purification Temple.


What is my role?

My role is to open portals to higher dimensions and allow different aspects of myself together with the sirian masters to work energetically with you on all levels. This includes aspects of myself working fro Sirius with the sirians, working on the creator level and my angelic self.


What might you feel?

Many people report feeling a very expanded awareness, more psychic and telepathic abilities, help with their therapy / spiritual work and help with their growth patterns. Some experience blissful feelings of deep love.

You may feel activity in your aura. You may drift into a trance or actually sleep. Most people feel touched by divine love. You may feel none of these things and this is fine as it still works.

Some people see the Sirian Temples within their mind's eye as they travel to Sirius in consciousness.


“I went into meditation and felt a lot of energy around me. After awhile I was spinning around in this white tube of light and then shot upward. Later I was surrounded in violet light and this vortex with this grid like thing opened up. After a time I could see this really long beautiful giant marble hallway with pillars and lined up on either side were figures in white robes and at the end of the hallway they were anointing someone and it was all in violet and white colors. Then I fell asleep. It was so cool!:) It wasn't all consecutive but kind of every now and then. I LOVED the feeling of so much energy around me.”

The Sirian Masters exist at an extremely high level of vibration and consciousness. Their presence is felt as pure love and hence the overriding experience of the attunements is to receive profound and pure unconditional love.

It is not possible to fully describe the profundity of these energetic gifts using the knowledge available here on earth at the moment. I am aware that I have been trained in previous Sirian lives in order to do this work. I trust this process and it is natural and effortless for me to perform. I see the amazing effects it has on those who receive it and so it is not vital for us to have this understanding at our personality level. It is therefore not necessary for anyone else to understand this attunement from a technical point of view in order to receive it and benefit from it. It is likely that as our consciousness raises then our understanding of such matters will be more complete.

These attunements were offered once before on earth in Ancient Egypt. They were described more as initiations for they do initiate a new higher level of being and consciousness. There were technical reasons why at that time these initiations were harder to come by and so the availability of the attunements now is truly a blessing for us all!

You can have sirian activations whenever you want. Some people use them as a core part of their spiritual growth. These attunements are not limited in number and there are those who have already experienced two or more sessions. It appears as though they are graduated and that each new session builds on the last one.

These attunements are available to anyone regardless of their level knowledge of the Sirians. You do not have to have a connection with the sirian masters to enjoy the activations. It is like a Galactic drop in clinic! If you feel strongly motivated to receive attunements then let this be your confirmation that this is right for you.

Anyone can benefit from the activations as the Sirian Masters will help you individually with your own specific requirements.

It must be stressed that these attunements are energetic aids towards our spiritual and energetic evolution. They do not replace the fact that we are responsible for the development of our own thoughts and consciousness. If you are interested in integrated ascension and christ consciousness then you still have to do the necessary work on your self in order to achieve this level of mastery. The attunements accelerate this process but they do not replace it.


Booking your own Sirian Attunement

Personal Sirian Attunement can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. These are REMOTE attunements only and you will not be required to be with me in person. We will arrange a time when we can both be in meditation at home whilst the attunement takes place. These sessions are about 30 minutes in length. Here I will attune to the Sirian Masters and facilitate the energetic experience of the attunement for you.

After booking your Sirian Attunement you will be sent written notes via email on how to prepare for your attunement, what to expect and how to integrate the changes.

Next we will arrange a mutually convenient time to join in meditation so that the attunement can take place.

Within 48 hours after the attunement I will channel feedback on he attunement from the Sirian Masters which will be sent to you via email.

The cost of the Sirian Attunement is £50. Please make payment as below and then I will contact you to arrange your attunement.

You can pay in 2 ways as follows:

1. You can pay online by credit card or debit card using the paypal system. This would connect you to a secure payment collection service called paypal. All you have to do is click on the button directly below and follow the instructions.

Click below for £50 payment


2. You can make a bank to bank payment via the IBAN system. This is useful where you need to make an international payment and convert this into UK pounds sterling. Send me an email and I will give you the IBAN numbers for my account which you need to give to your bank. Please note that your bank may charge you for doing for you. This is in addition to the cost of the attunement.


Thank you



Conditions – please read

All attunements are paid for in full and in advance.

There are no refunds available for any reason after an attunement has been completed.

You are aged 18 or over and this attunement is for yourself.