By Agnes-Judith Hohenbalken

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As a channel of spiritual art I receive the energies of ascended masters, star masters and individual guides from higher dimensions.

Within the artistic process a painting is formed, which reflects the different aspects of the respective master. It transports the specific energies and messages of the individual entities. Therefore these paintings should not be understood as just images but more as energy carriers. Each painting carries the exact energies / activations for the individual which can be accessed in meditation.

By request I produce paintings of personal masters / guides of an individual. In addition I create individual energy paintings that are attuned to the respective person and provide energies which this person needs at the moment. Different healing and energy radiations like cosmic love increases in vibration can be noticed.

All paintings are made on canvas in acrylic and are individual works of fine art. You can purchase existing painting prints on canvas, which look identical to the original.

Please contact Agnes-Judith to arrange a quote for your order as well as to make a payment.

There is a 14 day money back guaarantee if you are not satisfied with your painting (minus postage costs). This is paid on safe return of the painting to Agnes.

St Germain & Seraphim

Ashtar & Quan Yin

Mother Mary and Archangel Sandalphon


Elohim & Lady Nada





Arcturian Stargate

Lord Arcturus


Universal Love

For information, order prices and to make an order please contact or telephone 004314086369

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