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FAQs –Frequently Asked Questions


How did you start this work?

Like many of my clients, when I awoke to the realities of Star Beings I was full of wonder, curiosity and questions. I would become frustrated by the lack of quality information available. I decided that I would have to get the information for myself. In time I became a channel and now I channel answers to all of my questions as well as channeling on behalf of my clients too. It works well and to date I have collected a huge amount of information and understanding about the star beings which is shared in my books, courses, workshops and website. Although there is a lot more information available nowadays on the internet, unfortunately most of it is inaccurate, incorrect and unhelpful. How do I know that my own channeled information is good? I receive feedback from literally hundreds of clients who tell me how accurate it is and how it resonates with them.


How do you work with Star Beings / The Star Masters?

I channel the Star Masters and they provide most for the content for my books, courses and websites. In addition, I work with Star Beings to facilitate Star Attunements which are high level energetic activations given by the Star Masters. They also visit the workshops by invitation as some of you will have noticed!


Why is the Star Seed Agenda so important?

The star seed agenda is all about the future of humanity and how humanity evolves. As such there is no bigger subject really! Star seeds are coming to Earth to help with this in their own unique ways. The problem is in recognising the roles, life missions and our own purpose in all of this. This is what I help star seeds to remember, who they are and why they came here. Also for us personally as truth seekers, I know that the deepest answers to the biggest questions lie in the understandings of the star seed realities. Please remember that star seeds have been coming to Earth for a long time and the connection to the star seed beings has been active before in other civilisations on Earth. In all ancient civilisations we see their acknowledgment of the star beings described within their own language and from their own level of consciousness. This is not a new subject nor is it a “New Age Fad”. It is the most beautiful and profound story that there is and its profundity and complexity surpasses our ability to imagine its true nature.


What type of people use your services?

A lot of my clients are already quite spiritually awake and know something about the star seed realities. I am here to take them to a higher level with my knowledge and services. I also meet people who are fairly new to the star seed arena and I help them too. I deliberately teach in an accessible style and avoid too much new age “jargon” specifically to help new inexperienced clients. I am not a “New Age Evangelist” and so I am not out to convince the world of my truths. I simply offer what I do and when people resonate with that they become clients. If you are unsure about the existence of star beings and the star seed realities, then you are best off working with these issues yourself before you approach me as I am not in the business of convincing people of these truths. When people are ready to work with me they come and contact me.


What benefits do they receive?

The effects of my work on clients are deeply transformational. People often report amazing energetic experiences even when they were previously insensitive to spiritual energies. Often their psychic, healing and channeling abilities are enhanced. These are bi-products of my work as the real goals are to awaken people to the greater truth of who they are, the star seed realties and to their guides who are waiting to work with them at a more conscious level. You can see this in the Testimonials section on this website.


How can I choose which service to use from your website?

Please be guided by your instincts and intuition. If something attracts your attention or jumps out at you, then trust this. Maybe this is for you? Unfortunately I cannot tell people which services to have and you will have to make your own choices. The best service that I offer is the online Star Seed Course as it contains elements of all of my services as well as giving you access to products and services reserved only for students of the star seed course.

Why is there a waiting list for your personal Channeled Readings?

Channeling is an extremely difficult and tiring activity. I can only channel when I am feeling well, when I am free of illness and only for short periods of time. As such I usually can only provide one reading in a day and five over a week. Sometimes the demand for readings is greater than my ability to provide this number of readings and so it takes times to work through the list of readings booked. This creates a waiting period for new readings. I do not want to turn people away and so I ask for their patience whilst I work through the list of readings. I appreciate that it can be frustrating waiting for a reading, but I can assure you it is best for you that you receive readings from a good and experienced channel who knows how to give the best readings by only channeling when they able to give the absolute best readings. There is usually a waiting period for my readings and so if you want to receive one yourself, it is best that you book it as soon as you can as I work with the bookings in date order from when they are booked. If you leave booking to a future date then you will have to wait longer for your reading.


Why do you charge money for your services?

I give all of my time and energy to my spiritual work. As such I do not have a regular job and therefore do not receive a salary, pension or any other form of income. I therefore need to charge clients for my time and efforts and this allows me to continue with my spiritual work. Without this I would have to get a job and the spiritual services would immediately end.

There is another point here which is that I recognise that the process of spiritual transformation in people involves a personal commitment to that process. In past times this commitment was formed in ways such as going on a Pilgrimage. In this day and age the process includes making a decision to seek help, finding the right practitioner or teacher, booking a service and paying for that service. If I did not charge money for my services I would be removing an important part of that process for my clients. From past experience I have seen the difference in attitude between those who pay for a service because they are committed and those who seek to avoid paying who are in truth nearly always not committed to the process.


Why do you not offer concessions?

I am not in a position to judge who deserves to receive concessions and who is genuinely unable to afford my products and services. In the interests of fairness to all, I make the same charge to everyone. Prices for products start from about £10 and so there is something for everyone’s budget.


Why do you not offer workshops in my city or Country?

In order to work overseas in different countries, I need help to organise this. If I am not currently working in your country it may be that I have not found a Workshop Organiser where you are. Workshop Organisers help me to advertise my events where they live, find venues, attract the right type of participants and provide translators where necessary. I cannot do these things myself in countries outside the UK. If you want me to offer workshops where you live then you might be able to find a suitable Workshop Organiser to make this happen and then send me an email.


For your International Workshop why do I need to book my place 4 or more weeks in advance?

When I am travelling overseas to International workshops, I need to book my flights and Hotels 4 weeks prior to the workshop date. If I leave it any later than 4 weeks to book these then I cannot guarantee that there will be space for me on my flights or in the hotels. At the 4 week point I check with my workshop organiser to see how many people have booked and if there is enough then I will pay for my flights and hotel. If there is not enough then I will cancel the workshops. As such you can help me and everyone by booking your workshop place at least 4 weeks in advance in order to secure a place for yourself and to avoid the workshop being cancelled.


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